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- He rarely will bring his s/o to Stark Tower or the Avenger’s base. Jimin: Is ok with any movie, as long as it isn’t R rated - he’s not ok with watching something like that with you even if he legally can. bucky barnes gif tumblr It took about fifteen minutes for Hiccup to put the wild dragon at ease. Men are wolves. Three scenarios exist. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. 1. peterssquill:. ellie || a tom holland and peter parker stan who attempts to write (main: bitchindarling) || Hello All! I decided that I will make a Yu-gi-oh imagines blog as I love this series since I was child and have grown to be a fan of imagines and things along that line. D before it was dissolved. ly/AnArcade Check A writing blog for imagines, scenarios, and headcanons! ASK BOX IS OPEN. 2. I love them so much, and I finally came up with some faceclaims based on how I imagined them. A. Lately she’s, well both of us actually, have been very busy at school since she wants to get good grades so that she can attend the college she wants to go to :) Tamaki had been a character that she alreade was planning on doing and if i am correct she’s already sort of started on that one! A SFW blog dedicated to the scenarios and headcanons of Fullmetal Alchemist. Angel is one of the loveliest girls we’ve ever come across in this business. scenarios: when you’re sick. When you find out you’ll have to see the people who spent years convincing you that you weren’t good enough, all of the insecurities that Taehyung and Yoongi had helped you bury, rise to the surface again. For now ship requests are closed. retrogradejupiter:. B SHINee SPEED Topp Dogg Uniq VIXX Winner The Lunar Chronicles Fancast. He spoiled you with gifts, and made sure you were okay 24/7. H. I. I am here to make your fantasies come true. Happily, you open your ice cream and begin to eat. Here you can request Imagines of course, Boyfriend/Girlfriend Scenarios, Oneshots for the ship thing if it’s open 😊 i’m a boyo, Leo,5”10,half hispanic/half white,short black hair, brown eyes,tanned skin, a whole ass noodle :”) i like marvel/80’s movies and really love travelling, can sort of play bass, love indie and kpop, i’m a little shy but pretty chill,lil angry but a crackhead most of the time, need cuddles 24/7 i dress in form fitting stuff i guess There’s only a few scenarios where you’ll ever actually catch him crying. “Come on, (Y/N) is waiting for us. E. Our requests are currently closed. I'm a bit hesitant to write NSFW, so I probably won’t until after a long while. The only source of light orginated from the ghastly electronic bilboard that had been idiotically placed opposite Matt’s apartment and this wasn’t the first time you had wished that it didn’t exist. She’s a stunning looker with a fantastic body, seductive and sensual. Masterlist! Recruit!Reader (Reader x Various) (Season 1)“After the events of Age of Ultron, before Civil War. They are hungry beasts, waiting for their prey. Please check out the bands that I write for along with the request requirements before you ask. Look at my rules if you want more specifics. Coups as Doctor Strange Please don't make scenarios revolving around stuff like Chris having an anxiety attack! It's bad enough that someone being so terribly disrespectful and set off the attack, it's just really upsetting to see someone try to turn it into a fan service type thing! What happened to Chris was terrible enough as it is please don't use it for a scenario! Admins Candi & Mimi at your service! We write scenarios and reactions about BTS, Monsta X, Seventeen, Block B, Got7, NCT 127/U, Day6. a scenario where mukami bros name their kids Ruki was reading as his wife came in 7 months pregnant. The game takes place on A-Day in San Francisco where the Avengers are opening a new headquarters. He definitely had a face that captures one’s eye. Originally posted by tvmblrdothailey - Any requests for fics, scenarios or headcanons I have related to Marvel (MCU, X-Men and Deadpool) Wednesday - Harry Potter and FBAWTFT Day . ” “I’m hungry, babe. That’s right, that was my first fan fic ever but I put it on private because I thought it was bad. ask Main Blog Scenarios Imagine Fanfiction Prompts Headcanons Rules. He flinched when your fingers brushed the back of his hand but it didn’t stop you from pulling them down so he wouldn’t be covering his ears anymore. stray kids scenarios straykidznet neweraboygroups sk-writersnet stray kids stray kids imagines stray kids oneshot kpop kpop scenarios kpop imagines kpop oneshots bang chan kim woojin lee minho seo changbin han jisung hwang hyunjin lee felix yang jeongin kim seungmin stray kids x reader dystopia stray kids angst angst changbeanie mine marvel-x-malereader. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. X male reader I accept requests for headcanons and scenarios and short fics, whatever really. We’ve scoured many blogs to find 15 of the funniest things Tumblr had to say about Marvel. L. You are the Recruit, previously of S. Indie Multimuse. relationships not open, generally. To be successful lavender coloring, you must first take into account the type of hair on which you work. He’d prefer to keep his home life and work life as separate as possible. This blog was made to create a safe and fun environment for all audiences to enjoy reading about the Uta no Prince Sama fandom. Hiya! Admin Kai here ^-^ This is a K-pop scenario blog, mainly smut but also fluff and other stuff here and there. But at some point all the scenarios I made in my brain needed to go somewhere, so I wrote my first Marvel Fan Fic Miss America. Secondly, it seems Steve also uses different techniques for catching his shield to avoid taking the brunt of hard impacts, depending on the shield’s forward momentum as it rebounds towards him (**): I write imagines, scenarios, short fics, and headcanons! I’ve been doing this for a couple years now, and after a year-long hiatus I’ve been itching to get back into the artsy groove. what if the teenage mutant ninja turtles exist in the mcu but they’re just really good at staying under the radar and criminals are too embarrassed to admit they got beat up by some guys in “turtle costumes” so they blame daredevil. Plus if you want to know where I found the gifs I used for that scenario, go to my Tumblr @all-things-marvel-related, and then go to my Masterlist where you can find all of the imagines/scenarios that I have in here on! Sets: All of the scenarios and imagines in this book will contain a set/outfit. Close up of Tony saying “I am Ironman” before snapping. In some edits one may see content relating to several different fandoms. If this trope isn’t exactly your interest, please request a certain kind of A x-men imagine blog. randomfandomimagine:. You couldn’t help but marvel at his face, analyzing it from afar just as you would when preparing to draw. iron man i am ironman mcu marvel marvel mcu marvel cinematic universe nebula guardians of the galaxy avengers: endgame avengers the avengers avengers assemble humans are weird disability rhodey james rhodes war machine iron patriot rocket rocket raccoon thanos aliens space arc reactor gamora karen gillan rdj robert downey jr don cheadle tony stark Some fans create pictures known as edits which consist of pictures or photos with their chosen fandom characters in different scenarios. Please. Kind of an absurdly intricate "What if?", but Kerry Callen wonders how Marvel Comics would have looked if they'd shared the focus on outrageous character The audience was basically crazy during the epic fight but here’s some remarkable mentions where the audience went batshit crazy. Would rather If DC Comics Published Marvel Comics. marvel masterlist masterlist marveldaydreamers masterlist marvel fanfic marvel fanfiction marvel fics peter parker x reader pietro maximoff x reader steve rogers x reader bucky barnes x reader tony x daughter!reader loki x reader daydreamers marvel Masterlist BTS Masterlist: Reactions: BTS reaction to your hidden tattoo BTS reaction to you wanting them to feel your shaved legs BTS reaction to you dancing sexily with another male dancer BTS You are a 21 year old girl. Just a small heads up for Pride Month~ I do plan on talking about real-life situations. First, lavender stain can be performed on a bleached base . Slower…” Carla held his ass cheeks apart as you entered him, holding the dildo in one hand and a fist of his hair in the other. Masterlist - Supernatural Dean Winchester• Sleepover Secrets • The Beginning of It All • Trapped • In Sickness • Now & Forever • The Meeting • Get You Love Drunk • Too Good to be True • Drive My Car • The following references the mildest of spoilers from the Captain Marvel motion picture. mostly marvel, hence the title. Skye and Cassidy. marvel-is-life530 liked this “It’s not that I don’t like him…it’s just that Marvel is overrated,” Taehyung replies and plops down on your other side with a hmph, handing you a spoon. Masterlist SHIPS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED This book is of Scenarios and Imagines for: Tony Stark/Iron Man, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier/White Wolf, Thor Odinson, Loki Odinson/Laufeyson, 1940's Bucky Barnes, Pre-Serum Steve Rogers, 1940's (After the Serum) Steve Rogers/Captain America, Bruce Banner/The Hulk, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange, Scott Lang/Ant-Man, Peter Parker/Spider Vigilante (Matt Murdock/reader) The room was silent, bar your breathing and the anxious shuffling of your feet against the floor. And I could’ve gotten another admin but writing the scenarios weren’t the problem. If the hair is already discolored, then simply apply the hue with the Bliss Flashy Mix Lavender. Imagine waking up to find flower crowns on your head every morning because Groot thinks you look good with them. I will do my best to update as often as possible and I hope you all enjoy! Black Butler Scenarios blackbutlerscenarios. During their E3 press conference, Square Enix revealed our first look at Marvel’s Avengers developed by Crystal Dynamics. There isn’t much that I won’t write! You’ll find what guidelines I do have below! I Won’t Write. Whenever I read kpop idol scenarios instead of reading Y/N as “your name” I say “yUh-nnN” in my head. It’s an odd way to do this, yeah, but I would like to have at least one scenario, reaction, Masterlist - Marvel Steve Rogers • Fix You • The Relationship Predicament • Revelations • Home • Tell His Story • The Start of Something Special • Future Plans…! That sentiment comes from an objective viewpoint; well as objective a viewpoint one can have after watching whatever Marvel’s, Captain Marvel was. For anyone who read the Bucky/Steve fic, then you know I talked about issues dealing with homophobia and not being able to be open about their relationship. So I saw there weren’t any Marvel Scenario Blogs about the Avengers, so I’m doing them here! I will be doing anyone from the Marvel Cinematic Universe up to Age of Ultron. Imagine dancing in the rain with Master Chief. Another time, a conga line was formed and ended in a few vomiting individuals. peter parker worked as a pizza delivery boy for a while A year ago I started my blog to read fan fiction, not to write it. All gifs belong to their creators, some are mine and Thankfully if you two have the same taste in cool Marvel films, you both get excited like little kids about the 3D glasses and all. ~~~~~ S. will rp with anyone! can you please do a scenario with sub carla getting pegged? Combining these HEH. Interactive Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 Hey! Feel free to drop down any requests for scenarios, headcanons or matchups into our askbox! ASKBOX IS CURRENTLY OPEN! Do read the rules before posting anything in, thank you! Share On tumblr Share On link Which Superhero Should Be Your Boyfriend? Are you more of the vigilante or metahuman type? Posted on Marvel Studios / Via transformerstopmotion 104,806 notes. Explicit non-con, this includes complete and mild You had to tiptoe to reach for his hands. But the main reasons why I’m leaving is because of how lonely I felt on here as well as the amount of people who read my scenarios are leaving Tumblr as well. ) i wanted a nice length christmas scenario, and who better to star in it than my bias? chanyeol/reader, 1222 words “ He’s too festive Hello love, NSFW alphabets are something that Kaya does in her free time. I can't wait to do things. Pitero: You tried to hide being sick from him, but pietro found out quickly. Hell, out of the entire Marvel universe even. Something goes terribly wrong resulting in destruction and death and the Originally posted by yoongichii. It's where your interests connect you with your people. I’m dating a Marvel hater. ’s Phil Coulson has never been much of a name-dropper — in fact Fan of everyone's favorite Gotham rouges? You've come to the right place! ((All universe of characters are allowed, TV, Comic, Animated, Movie, All are welcome and feel free to submit, just make sure SteveTony Identity Porn Fic Recs …cause its one of my favorite tropes. CARLA: “It’s… too much. I was really into kpop about 6 years ago, when I first got into it, but then about 4 years later, I stopped listening to it too, and it made me sad, but then about a year ago, I got back into it and I love it. But alcohol also created some extremely embarrassing, or unlikely situations. i’ve been short for most of my life and i am forced to watch my classmates grow as fast as bamboos but i feel like i’m shrinking and everyone in my family is tall This entire time he’s been repeating it over and over again. I will do any rps or NSFWs or anything. Anonymous said: Curious how you'd make separate scenarios for BDSM Squad (ReijiRukiCarla) doing the nasty with their respective s/o's while multitasking on something? A blog created by a passionate writer who sole purpose is to write reader-inserts and imagines. In fact, the whole thing could have been over and done with quite a bit quicker if it was a creature of a less intimidating size. SHIPS/CLOSED - SCENARIO REQUESTS/OPEN . ” Jungkook shakes his head and throws it back against the couch. Update~ So for the whole request situation, I will start to post requests once I get up to at least 10. as the blog says, mainly marvel, but also other things too! Mainly kiddo muses, mun is under 18. When new movies come out, I will add their characters. D. captainlordauditor:. So, that’s all! Get to requesting! I believe the first Marvel Avengers Scenarios Blog! NSFW now allowed. I stared at my bitten down nails-a habit of mine when I was nervous. Enjoy! A year ago I started my blog to read fan fiction, not to write it. It's just for fun, don't get upset if you get something you don't like xD #rules #golden toshinori #Em is now the boss again #bnha requests #BNHA Headcanons #bnha imagines #bnha scenarios #boku no hero academia #marvel #marvel imagine #marvel scenarios #marvel oneshot #overwatch #overwatch imagines #overwatch scenarios #overwatch headcanons #marvel requests #overwatch requests Masterlist 2NE1B1A4 Bangtan B. Tumblr mobile is just spazzing out and won’t show the whole ask so I’ll have to hop on my laptop to answer tomorrow morning. “This can’t be happening. Sometimes you even wondered how a cute guy like him became a part of a notorious mafia gang. To be fair, Agents of S. He leaned on the window opposite you and blew out wisps of air, making the glass cloud up in patches. And just like how you hid your sickness, he hid how badly he was worried about you. I paid little attention to the calls for the film to be boycotted or whatever controversy surrounded the lead of the film, Brie Larson. Anonymous said: I don't know if you're looking for new shows to watch, but if you do, the dragon prince is pretty good. he put down his book and looked at his lover’s pregnant stomach Seventeen Scenarios. P Beast Bigbang Bigflo Bigstar Block B BTOBC Clown CNblue Exo Got7 iKon Infinite M. Requests are always open. com. “Hey guys!” Decided to create a blog specifically for Birthday Scenario Games. Requests Are CLOSED, but always feel free to talk to us! “We can watch as many Marvel movies as we need to,” you Diaboliklovers-scenarios I am 21 my mun is named angel she's 17 I ship my oc with subaru her name is hikari. Originally posted by danceinthegarden - Any requests for fics, scenarios or headcanons I have related to Harry Potter. Anything and Everything Marvel related Faith - 19 years old - Mega Marvel Fangirl/Fanatic!!!! - This blog is a +18 blog!!!!! - Pictures, gifs and outfits/sets are not mine unless I say otherwise - This blog does have Endgame spoilers!!! Copy and paste the following code to link back to this work (CTRL A/CMD A will select all), or use the Tweet or Tumblr links to share the work on your Twitter or Tumblr account. Masterlist 2NE1B1A4 Bangtan B. Technique (*). A memorable moment would be when a karaoke machine was brought and many Avengers broke out into a horrendous version of “YMCA”. Thursday - Mission length: reactions, not long! genre: smut, RATED M! comments: how can you send such a nasty question with that cute face wyd!!! taeil strikes me as someone who might be shy by nature, but he’d definitely not be the same in the bedroom. Your current obsession was everything surrounding the Marvel universe. You two gush about the movie all night long afterword. They were usually the people who left notes in my ask box or talked to me offline. It would be a straight up lie to say he’s not enjoying the sight. - Steve 100% gives the best hugs out of all the Avengers. I love The Lunar Chronicles, and I’ve been thinking about some fancast for the characters. bandofbrothers-marvel-movies: Hey just wanna say it’s their loss, you are amazing in your own way! Gotta stay positive, it always helps, also keep up the BoB writing I love your work! Gotta stay positive, it always helps, also keep up the BoB writing I love your work! Spider-man, Hulk, Iron man, Vision, Wolverine and even Deadpool! Of course I want to play this plague! In this Video: AnArcade: http://bit. Credits to GIF owners *Requested by Anonymous* multimuse oc blog. All I wanted was a good film as Marvel is accustomed to marveledit marvelladiesedit brolinjosh dailyavengers usermeri capntony marvel ladies my edits gifs* happy mother's day pepper potts maria stark may parker frigga janet van dyne maira rambeau laura barton ramonda Cherry Blossom (Yuta x Reader) Admin: Candi Request: “Could I have a scenario where you and Yuta are vacationing in Osaka and he takes you to see the cherry blossoms??? Thanks! You guys are awesome!!! 2p! Axis and Allies as Marvel Characters 2p! America- Rocket 2p! England- Drax 2p! France- Venom 2p! Russia- Thanos 2p! China- Ant Man 2p! Canada- Bucky Barnes 2p! Originally posted by yoongichii. She’s doing it on purpose, Zen figures. l welcome all asks, submissions and requests. tumblr. Answer: I’m always open to suggestions, even if I’m a big procrastinator and it I am so sorry for that! And I promise to be done with it soon because I only have pre-written Imagines and Scenarios to go!!!! When I am done with them I will start working on some ideas that I’ve had for months now, as well as the requests that I have not done yet! I love you guys! Anything and Everything Marvel related Copy and paste the following code to link back to this work (CTRL A/CMD A will select all), or use the Tweet or Tumblr links to share the work on your Twitter or Tumblr account. Alcohol was usually the cause of these hilarious scenarios. You can marvel at the decorations while we eat. Marvel Imagines SHIPS CLOSED! ASKS ARE OPEN! RULES! MASTERLIST! SECOND BLOG! BUY ME A COFFEE! A blog for MCU prompts, one-shots, headcannons, and regular imagines. For the 2 of you that sent me asks recently, I did see them and I will answer them. It wasn’t that the Typhoomerang was particularly on edge. Chanyeol couldn’t help but marvel at how small your hands were clasped onto his. ” “So much for you being the hopeless romantic out of the two of us. as the saying goes, it’s always the quiet ones! he’d seem to be the type to comment every so often, pushing gently against the back of your head and moving @literallymikayuu @kirigiri523 @randomanimeartist @kuroshiromorpho @owarinoseraph-scenarios and anyone else who want to // oh so i was tagged somewhere for the first time oh um. ee/zqmLtc2Q6 Hello! My name is Jena, and I decided to make this blog to take requests for all sort of writings, such as imagines, headcanons, and scenarios for a large array of characters from many different fandoms! This is a girl groups only scenarios blog. home ask Submit Navigation Admins. You kept your word and changed it to Spiderman after the episode ended. Ask Box currently closed Inbox: 3 requests pending Seventeen as DC/Marvel characters: After seeing Suicide Squad I wanted to do something like this. The list is so long I put it under a “read more”. about Blog for scenarios, headcanons, and matchups! Please read the rules before requesting! marvel-geek Marvel merry christmas! (its still xmas eve for me but whatevs. 5M ratings Captain Marvel. Will write anyone up to Avengers: Infinity War- Including the Defenders! Imagines, One Shots, and Fanfictions all about your favorite Marvel characters and their actors. Daniel was practically cheering when he saw the marvel logo in the beginning of the movie and you giggled at his cuteness. She's an escort in Ruaka who provides quite Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 is a Lego-themed action-adventure video game developed by Traveller's Tales and published by Warner Bros. Maybe the character has a habit of making unsettling facial expressions. He’d also complement you and flirt non stop. Either these Tumblr users are comedic geniuses or insomnia has warped their brains with the kind of sleep-deprived delirium that often inspire the best "aha" moments. April 12, 2019. . ” You sat at one of the tables in the corner and you perked up when you saw them come around the corner, sitting up straight and waving at them. NOT ACCEPTING REAL LIFE PEOPLE, NSFW, DEPRESSION-RELATED REQUESTS, OR OCs Hello Lovelies! This is a story that will include a bunch of various boyfriend scenarios encompassing Earth's mightiest heroes themselves! They may be a little random at times, but completely adorable none the less! Avengers scenarios. “we need to name him dear” ___said. How far will you these feelings go. Buy Me a Coffee- buymeacoff. Tuesday - Marvel Day . You start to meet the Avengers, as you begin to develop feelings for him. Stars Appear | Donghae Requested by Anon ~ The sun was nearing the horizon as the minutes ticked by. A resource for meta in the Marvel Universe. marvel scenarios tumblr